Give Back with Greater Gift & Honor Clinical Trial Patients

At the core of Devana Solutions’ mission—to connect central research operations teams to decentralized clinicians serving patients in diverse community settings—is the goal of reducing drug development costs and curing disease. That’s why Devana partners with Greater Gift, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that “honors patient volunteers and research professionals who make clinical trials possible,” by helping the public “understand the powerful role clinical trial volunteers play in the development of new drug therapies, medicines, and vaccines.”

Dedicated to combating the data gaps and inequity resulting from many ethnic, racial, and other demographic groups being underrepresented in clinical research, Greater Gift has donated more than 120,000 vaccines—and meals—to children in need since 2010.

The founder of Greater Gift, Jennifer Byrne, is the CEO of Javara Research. For over 20 years, she has seen thousands of patient volunteers participate in more than 7,500 clinical trials. Whether their motivation was to find treatments for themselves or to help others by contributing to research, the positive impact these volunteers had on future generations cannot be overstated. As a way to honor these patients and their contributions, Jennifer created Greater Gift. In addition to the outreach work that brings vital awareness of clinical research to underrepresented communities, Greater Gift partners with the life science community to provide a vaccine or meal to a child on behalf of each and every clinical trial participant. 

Devana is proud to be both a sponsor and partner of Greater Gift and to help support its mission to advance global health now and for the future. Every year at this time, Devana donates vaccines in the names of each of our clients through Greater Gift. These vaccines go to children in need who are under/uninsured and who might not otherwise have access to life-saving preventative inoculations. 

We hope you will join us in donating to this worthy cause during this holiday season and beyond.

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