RealTime MyStudyManager Participant Portal


Participant Portal

Elevate participant experiences and increase clinical research study success with MyStudyManager™, the only participant-centric portal built for sites to help researchers engage and retain patients in traditional in-clinic trials and decentralized clinical trials (DCT).

Engage patients on-the-go with reminders, appointments, and questionnaires.

Simplify communication with a central hub for all study needs.

Reduce dropouts with virtual video visits for remote study participants.

Keep participants incentivized with access to stipends received, future payments, and Pay card balances.

Increase Engagement & Compliance

Take subject engagement and compliance to the next level with an array of features that support decentralized clinical trials (DCT).

Study notifications via mobile app help patients remember visits.

A built in calendar allows patients to see visits visually and plan ahead.

Easily find and complete questionnaires in the mobile app or desktop version.

Patients are more likely to stay in a study with the opportunity to participate in remote visits.

Help and communication center allows patients to quickly access study information and site staff contact information.

RealTime MyStudyManager - Boost Retention

Boost Retention

Reduce participation barriers and dropout rates with a better participant experience.

Convenient communication via mobile app and text makes participation easier and less time consuming for subjects.

A view of stipends received, future payments, and Pay card balances keeps participants incentivized to stay in the study.

Automated visit notifications help patients remember what they need to do, reducing dropout rates.


Simplify the reimbursements process with secure, integrated digital payments for faster and more convenient payouts.


Speed up recruiting and ensure compliance with RealTime-eConsent​. Enroll participants faster and more easily with remote consenting in RealTime’s 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Participant Portal.

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