RealTime eSource


RealTime-eSource is a cloud-based electronic source (eSource) data capture solution that effortlessly improves data accuracy and reduces protocol deviations.

Sign documents electronically, no printing needed.

Built-in checks help ensure data accuracy.

Strict adherence to privacy and security regulations.

Track data changes across time.

Effortless Data Capture

Streamline data collection, improve accuracy, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Securely sign documents anytime, anywhere with online and mobile eSignatures. No need for printing and scanning!

Built-in data validation rules automatically catch errors, keeping your data clean and reliable.

Automate data capture from external devices, eliminating manual entry and saving you valuable time.

Real-time audit trails provide complete data traceability, giving you peace of mind.

RealTime eSource - Effortless Data Capture
RealTime eSource - Effortless Accuracy Boost

Effortless Accuracy Boost

Regulatory confidence.

Part 11 and GDPR compliance are baked in, ensuring you meet strict industry regulations.

Enforced access controls and role-based permissions guarantee data security and user accountability.

Version control ensures you’re always working with the most up-to-date documents, eliminating confusion.

Electronic audit trails streamline inspections and simplify compliance processes.

Seamless Workflow

Work smarter, not harder.

An intuitive interface makes data entry a breeze, reducing errors and saving time.

Seamless integration with RealTime-CTMS, creating a unified workflow for effortless study execution.

Spend less time managing data and more time making scientific discoveries.

RealTime eSource - seamless workflow


Simplify the reimbursements process with secure, integrated digital payments for faster and more convenient payouts.

eReg / eISF

User-friendly electronic document management and regulatory system built for clinical research. It helps you eliminate paper clutter and simplify document storage, retrieval, and collaboration.

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