RealTime eReg / eISF

eReg / eISF

From the pioneers of eDocs and Complion eISF, our user-friendly electronic document management and regulatory systems are built for clinical research sites and academic medical centers. Eliminate paper clutter and simplify document storage, retrieval, and collaboration across site teams or departments.

Store documents electronically and ditch bulky folders.

Access what you need anytime, from any device.

Never lose track of the latest version of your documents.

Securely collaborate with colleagues on research files.

Secure, Centralized Access

Streamline your document management.

Secure online document storage gives you peace of mind knowing your research data is protected with industry-leading security measures.

24/7 access at your fingertips – no more searching for misplaced documents! RealTime’s eReg/eISF solutions allow you to access your files from any device, anywhere, anytime. 

Version control ensures you’re never working with outdated documents. RealTime’s eReg/eISF solutions automatically track all document revisions, guaranteeing you have access to the most recent and accurate information.

Advanced search functionality allows you to quickly locate the specific documents you need, saving you valuable time.

Automated expiration alerts keep you on top of document renewal deadlines. RealTime’s eReg/eISF solutions proactively send notifications, ensuring your research stays compliant and avoids disruptions.

RealTime eReg / eISF - Secure, Centralized Acces​
RealTime eReg / eISF - Go Green and Save Space

Safeguarding Compliance

Breathe easy with RealTime.

RealTime’s eReg/eISF solutions are Part 11, GCP, SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant.

Collaborate with monitors using our built-in query management system.

Allow on-site or remote access to monitors, auditors, and inspectors.

Preferred by AMCs

Secure sharing, faster execution, effortless access.

Secure document sharing with internal and external teams for seamless collaboration and efficient information exchange.

Streamlined workflows for faster study execution, eliminating delays caused by misplaced documents or inefficient communication channels.

Instant access to your files, keeping your research on track and your team or department productive.

RealTime eReg / eISF - Collaboration and efficiency

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