RealTime SitePay


Simplify the reimbursement process with secure, integrated digital payments for faster and more convenient payouts.

Enable fast electronic payments for swift reimbursements.

Protect financial information with secure transactions.

Manage payments with a user-friendly system.

Track payments and manage finances with a mobile app.

SitePay Empowers

Streamlined payments for satisfied participants.

Eliminate the hassle of checks and cash to simplify the payment process for both you and your participants.

Secure, digital transactions that minimize fraud risk and ensure peace of mind.

Reward participants quickly and easily with just a single click! No more waiting for checks to clear. 

Create controls and processes by delegating user privileges on payment access.

Ensure participants receive prompt reimbursements for increased satisfaction and a higher likelihood of continued participation.

RealTime SitePay - Current Balance
RealTime SitePay - Participant-Centric Features​

Participant-Centric Features

Putting participants in control.

Patient portal provides 24/7 access for patients to view their transaction history, manage their PIN for secure transactions, and even transfer funds.

Patients can live chat with customer service or call into the help desk for immediate and personalized assistance, whenever they need it.

Foster trust and transparency with automatic text and emails notifications to participants regarding their payments.

Additional Advantages

Wait, there’s more!

Participants can access funds with minimal or zero fees.

Ensure safe and reliable fund disbursement.

Request funds and confirm account balances from within your CTMS.

Configure automatic notifications to stay informed about account balances and inventory levels.

Generate detailed reports based on study, date range, participant, or site.

Project future stipend payouts based on current enrollment data.

Generate 1099 reports with ease.

RealTime SitePay - Fund Account

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