RealTime Text


Improve participant communication by adding Text into your CTMS across the globe. RealTme services many countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.

Improve visit show rates.

Increase patient recruitment.

Direct text communication.

Maintain compliance.

Stay Connected

Streamline communication and reduce no-shows.

Send recruitment messages to your database with targeted searches that allow for responses indicating interest.

Send and receive SMS messages directly to patients and track communication on their patient profile.

Automate appointment reminders to capture confirmations and notify staff.

RealTime Text Communication - Stay Connected​
RealTime Text - A Feature-Rich Solution​ - Advanced Recruitment Features​

Advanced Recruitment Features

Unlock the power of text messaging.

Automated text responses can be sent to applicants from social media platforms or your website.

Setup site specific keywords that allow for SMS marketing and opt-in.

RealTime-Text is fully scalable, based on your site’s budget.

Maintain Compliance

Recruitment-related text messages are sent via short code in the US to ensure FCC compliance and enable mass messaging to thousands of subjects.

Easy communication through text messages encourages participation throughout the entire research study.

RealTime-Text helps you reach the right people for your research efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.

RealTime Text - Maintain Compliance​

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