RealTime DecenTrial


Run hybrid and decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) remotely on a single platform. RealTime-DecenTrial simplifies data capture, improves quality, and empowers investigators for efficient clinical trials.

Advanced data collection and management.

Site-friendly eSource for fewer errors.

Remote trial management and monitoring.

Real-time reporting to analyze and review site progress.

Trial Management

Unleash powerful, user-friendly tools to maximize efficiencies and improve trial management.

Manage your entire clinical trial from a single platform and eliminate the need for legacy EDC systems.

Leverage RealTime-eSource to reduce transcription delays and accelerate data reporting for faster study completion and quicker access to critical research findings.

Minimize human error and ensure data integrity with built-in data validation checks. RealTime helps you maintain the highest quality data standards for reliable results.

Robust audit trails allow users to reconstruct study events and organize the auditing process.

RealTime DecenTrial - Trial Management​
RealTime DecenTrial Empowering Investigators & Sponsors​

Empowering Investigators & Sponsors

Win-win collaboration.

Leverage a user-friendly eSource system already adopted by thousands of global research sites.

Empower users to collect data on-the-go with our site-specific mobile app. 

Tailor visit workflows to seamlessly match individual site procedures.

Improve investigator and sponsor oversight for better outcomes.

Remote Management, Simplified

Empower remote management.

Dramatically reduce travel expenses for monitors and CRAs.

Gain immediate visibility into site progress and data as visits occur.

Built-in query system to review, track and, query data points.

Maintain greater visibility for safer and more effective clinical trials.

RealTime DecenTrial - Mobile App - Remote Management Revolution​

Unleash the Potential of Decentralized Trials

Flexible Solutions

Customize a DecenTrial program that perfectly fits your specific research needs.

Data Management

Modernize data collection and roll-up with advanced eSource tools.

Remote Trial Management

Experience the power of fully remote trial oversight through advanced dashboards.

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