RealTime SOMS


Site Operations Managment System

RealTime-SOMS is a bundled suite of integrated solutions designed to streamline all aspects of your clinical research operations. It combines the power of several industry-leading tools to empower your team at every stage of the research process.

RealTime SOMS: Site Operations Managment System

Bundled Solutions

Learn more about our powerful bundled solutions for every stage of your clinical trials!

Our foundational solution for clinical trial management, simplifying recruitment, finances, site management, and more.

Boost participation and keep your research on track. RealTime-Engage! offers tools to easily recruit, remind, and connect with participants for a smoother study experience.

A cloud-based electronic source (eSource) data capture solution for streamlined data collection and regulatory compliance.
User-friendly electronic document management system for secure document storage, retrieval, and collaboration.
A fully integrated payment system for instant and secure stipend payments, reducing costs and saving time.
An easy-to-use appointment reminder platform that helps reduce no-show rates and improve patient retention.
Empower Your Team - RealTime SOMS Site Operations Managment System​

Empower Your Team

Streamline all aspects of your clinical research operations.

Recruit participants faster with powerful tools and integrations within RealTime-CTMS.

Manage studies efficiently with automated workflows and centralized data across RealTime-CTMS, eSource, and eDocs.

Track finances accurately with real-time reporting and automated billing functionalities in RealTime-CTMS and SitePay.

Improve communication and collaboration across your entire research enterprise with features embedded within each SOMS solution.

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