RealTime CTMS


RealTime-CTMS is the foundational solution for our eClinical platform. Integrating multiple products and capabilities, our CTMS is purpose-built to empower clinical research sites to streamline all aspects of trial execution, including recruitment, CRC activities, finances, site management, and more.

Reduce recruitment timelines and grow your database.

Increase trial visit adherence.

Dynamic reporting for streamlined accounting.

Automate study target dates and window calculations.


Maximize your recruitment strategy and become a top enroller.

Grow your patient database with integrations for your website, Facebook ads, SubjectWell, and more.

View upcoming visits, overdue visits, and pending actions while streamlining important task follow-ups with alerts and notifications.

Track patient visits seamlessly with simple data entry for visit and/or subject information and an electronic log for a comprehensive overview of visit statuses.

Remarket directly from your database with our Mailchimp integration for email blasts and mass texting campaigns tailored to each new study.

RealTime CTMS - Participant Recruitment
RealTime CTMS - CRC Management

CRC Management

Stay organized and on track for study success.

Accelerate scheduling with automated study target dates and window calculations, text reminders, and Outlook integration.

Improve task management with alerts and notifications for important tasks and follow-ups.

Simplify data entry for faster visit completion, with easy access to visit and subject information.

Access advanced reporting, including study enrollment metrics, prescreening logs, visit tracking logs, and complete visibility of staff productivity.

Study Finances

Don't leave money on the table! Ensure prompt and complete payment.

Manage contracts and budgets with study procurement milestone tracking, complete accounting for both simple and complex study budgets, automated screen fail ratio and max tracking, as well as study milestone payment tracking.

Avoid missed billing opportunities with automated processes for earnings, expenses, receivables, and payables at both visit and study levels.

Gain tailored insights into collection processes, study financial reconciliation, high-level company financials, and more by leveraging inSites, our custom report builder.

RealTime CTMS - Study Finances

Enterprise CTMS

RealTime-CTMS Enterprise is the perfect solution for centralizing accounting and recruitment, as well as aggregating reporting across large site networks, hospitals, and university systems.

Centrally manage an unlimited number of sites, studies, personnel, finances, and reporting in over 30 countries around the globe with infinite scalability. 

Aggregate reporting across your site network with built-in BI connectivity, providing powerful visibility for management through enterprise-level reporting. 

Set up unlimited user profiles and streamline secure management with multi-factor authentication and SAML connectivity for user management flexibility and security. 

Quick launch options allow single-click access into each site’s study-specific areas such as study visit tracking, eReg/eISF, and eSource dashboard for easy study access. 

View network-wide study enrollment progress with a single click and easily drill into site-level progress and data using study enrollment metrics. 

Mobile App

The RealTime mobile app empowers you to manage clinical research documents and tasks efficiently, right from your smartphone or tablet.


Streamline data collection, improve accuracy, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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