RealTime GlobalPay


RealTime-GlobalPay streamlines the research journey by simplifying participant reimbursements, travel arrangements, and study funding management.

Get participants paid quickly and securely anywhere.

Securely transfer funds for your research without delays.

Simplify travel arrangements for participants in your study.

Tailor a payment plan that fits your specific research needs.

Streamline the Research Journey

Simplify participant reimbursements, travel arrangements, and more.

Fast and secure payments, delivered on time, contribute to increased participant satisfaction and improved retention rates.

Ensure safe and reliable transfers for study funds, giving you peace of mind and fewer administrative headaches.

Design and automate travel requests for participants, saving you valuable time and resources while providing a convenient experience for them.

Tailor a payment program that perfectly aligns with your specific research needs, ensuring flexibility and optimal results.

RealTime GlobalPay - Patient Payment Report
RealTime GlobalPay - Streamlined Payments​

Streamlined Payments

Experience the benefits.

Timely payments keep participants engaged and happy, contributing to a successful research study.

Automate tedious processes like travel requests and focus your efforts on groundbreaking research.

Simplify financial logistics and streamline your research workflow, allowing you to dedicate more time to scientific discovery.

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