RealTime eClinical Solutions Mobile App

Mobile App

Manage everything from your smartphone or tablet with the RealTime Mobile App, your key to a more efficient and connected research experience.

Securely sign documents with your fingerprint, eliminating printing and scanning hassles.

Access and manage all study contacts for seamless communication.

Find essential study documents anytime, anywhere, directly from your phone.

Boost recruitment by referring patients to studies right in the app.

Enhance Your Workflow

Manage clinical research documents and tasks efficiently, right from your smartphone or tablet.

Centralized contacts allow you to easily manage and access site and sponsor contacts for seamless communication.

 eRegulatory binder access from anywhere, anytime – allowing you to locate files quickly.

Boost recruitment efforts by referring patients directly to your studies through the app.

Signature management lets you receive instant notifications and efficiently review signature requests on the go.

Part 11 compliance ensures you can work confidently, knowing our eRegulatory adheres to strict FDA Part 11 validation standards.

Complete eSource functionality allows you to collect data directly onto electronic source (eSource) forms using your mobile device.

Secure document access lets you navigate and access essential study documents securely and conveniently.

Simplified password management stores login credentials for various systems in one secure location, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords.

RealTime Mobile App Benefits​

RealTime-Mobile App Benefits

Increased Productivity: Manage tasks and documents efficiently on the go.
Enhanced Communication: Stay connected with key contacts and access crucial study information.
Improved Efficiency: Reduce time spent on administrative tasks.
Streamlined Workflows: Experience a more convenient and mobile research experience.

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