Improving Patient Engagement & Retention Strategies with Engage!  

Improving Patient Engagement and Retention Strategies with Engage!

Maintaining patient engagement and minimizing dropout rates in clinical trials is a persistent hurdle, with dropout rates soaring up to 30% in some studies. The National Institutes of Health underscores the importance of building trust, engaging communities, and ensuring clear and culturally sensitive communication at every stage, from pre-recruitment planning to post-study dissemination of results.

Secrets to Becoming a Top Recruiter for Clinical Research Studies

According to the National Library of Medicine, an estimated 80% of trials fail to meet enrollment deadlines resulting in recruitment extensions and even termination of studies. If you are a clinical research site owner, this is most likely not a surprise. What you may not know is that this doesn’t have to be a significant problem. … Read more

Do you REALLY own your CTMS data?

As clinical research sites and site networks become more sophisticated, they’ve come to rely heavily on advanced CTMS, eRegulatory and eSOURCE solutions to manage their full set of clinical operations. The size and complexity of data stored in these systems often includes HIPAA protected subject demographic data, medical and medication history, study-specific enrollment data, financial … Read more

The Role of IRBs in Clinical Research: A Quick Guide

Institutional review boards (IRBs) are ethics review committees that ensure human research subjects’ rights are protected, as well as the rights of the patients who ultimately benefit from the research. Operating under US federal regulations, state laws, and institutional policies, the IRB has the authority to approve, require modification to, and disapprove research. IRBs are an important part of regulatory efforts and their approval is required for all human research. Here’s a quick overview of IRBs and the expectations for working with them.

Devana Solutions CEO Barry Lake on Note to File Podcast

Barry Lake on Note to File Podcast

Devana Solutions CEO Barry Lake recently sat down with Brad Hightower of the Note to File Podcast to discuss the current state of the industry and the importance of sites tracking their own metrics using clinical trial software like Devana Solutions. Offering holistic trial analysis and a dynamic site and investigator database, Devana Solution’s enterprise software gives businesses the crucial support … Read more

5 Crucial Considerations for Selecting a CTMS


With a clinical trial management system (CTMS), you can more efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of running a clinical trial as well as easily organize trial data in one central location. Learn what to consider when selecting a CTMS.

Take Clinical Trial Management to the Next Level with LYNK

LYNK upgrades your sites’ clinical trial management capabilities by allowing them to manage trial opportunities and quickly and easily complete feasibility assessments.

As a technology provider that connects central trial operations teams with decentralized site staff and clinicians, our goal at Devana Solutions is to help research organizations speed new therapies to patients by automating clinical trial processes and capturing site metrics for analysis and execution. You may be familiar with PROPEL, our enterprise-level platform for managing … Read more

New Customer Feature Request Form Brings Ideas to Life

Need a new feature or solution in the RealTime system?

At RealTime, we are constantly investing in technology improvements to ensure customers get the most out of RealTime solutions. We take our customer’s input seriously and use it to make sure our solutions meet their needs. In fact, most of our updates have originated directly from the voice of our customers! In an effort to … Read more

Data Analytics & Making Decisions for Better Outcomes

data analytics, clinical trial industry

At Devana Solutions, our motto is Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Outcomes. But what exactly does that mean to us—and for you? Let’s take a look at how superior data analytics can make a huge impact on the clinical trial industry as a whole—and your organization in particular.   Better Data We believe complete data … Read more

How Technology Simplifies Clinical Trial Feasibility Assessments

Clinical Trial Feasibility Assessments

Ah, the dreaded site assessment and feasibility: pages upon pages of requests for information. From equipment specifications to investigator experience to patient population, the amount of data needed to execute a clinical trial feasibility is onerous. You may have most of this information on hand—across a variety of spreadsheets, emails, documents—and in your head. But … Read more