Negotiating Sponsor Reimbursement for Site-based Technology – A Complete Guide for Clinical Research Sites

Negotiating Sponsor Reimbursement for site-base technology: A complete guide for clinical research sites

Clinical research is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the adoption of site-based electronic systems. As the industry shifts towards these advanced digital platforms, including virtual visits, telemedicine, and sophisticated data management systems, their value becomes increasingly evident. eClinical technologies are improving the efficiency of clinical trials and becoming integral to their success. Consequently, a growing … Read more

Data Migration: Getting Started with RealTime  Software Solutions 

RealTime eClinical Solutions - Data Migration: getting Started with RealTime Software Solutions

Amidst industry movements like the site network consolidation trend, broader diversity in clinical trials, and the increasing complexity of studies, clinical research sites are navigating an environment that demands even greater operational agility. RealTime Software Solutions recognizes this evolving need and offers a comprehensive eClinical suite of solutions designed to improve site operations, streamline workflows, … Read more

Maximizing Budgets in Clinical Trials: The Financial Advantages of an Integrated eClinical Solution  

RealTime eClinical Solutions - Maximizing Budgets in Clinical Trials: The Financial Advantages of an Integrated eClinical Solution

In an analysis published by Nature, nearly a quarter of all trials experienced setbacks due to strategic issues, commercial barriers, and operational challenges. The financial repercussions of such setbacks are significant, with drug developers facing potential losses ranging from $600,000 to $8 million per day. This statistic underscores the critical importance of effective, end-to-end clinical … Read more

Clinical Trial Site Management: A Complete Checklist for Clinical Research Sites

Clinical Trial Site Management

Do you have the right site technology to start studies faster, reduce FDA audit risk and lower protocol deviations? Increasingly, clinical research is transitioning from paper-based processes to the adoption of electronic workflows. In fact, since the FDA’s 2003 draft guidance on electronic technology in clinical investigations, the industry has witnessed a surge in the … Read more