Standardizing Pipeline Management and Study Start-up in Clinical Trials 

As clinical research organizations grow, many tasks can become siloed and the overall lack of transparency can lead to inefficiencies, delays, and increased costs. Standardizing study start-up and pipeline management is crucial for improving trial efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enhancing data quality. By implementing a centralized platform and establishing standardized operations across all site … Read more

RealTime eClinical Solutions Chosen by a Top 5 Global CRO for Industry-leading eClinical Solutions  

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, (July 16, 2024) – RealTime eClinical Solutions, a leading provider of innovative clinical trial management technology, is proud to announce its selection by one of the leading, top five global Contract Research Organizations (CROs) as a top software provider for clinical trial site management. RealTime’s integrated software solutions, featuring enterprise-grade CTMS and … Read more

Top 5 Challenges in Clinical Trial Study Start-up and Pipeline Management 

Top 5 Challenges in Clinical Trial Study Start-Up and Pipeline Management

Study start-up and pipeline management are fraught with challenges that can hinder progress and efficiency. These complex processes involve meticulous planning, coordination, and execution from all parts of a research site organization, leaving ample opportunity for delays. Despite advances in technology and methodologies, research teams continue to face significant challenges that can extend timelines and … Read more

How RealTime-Devana Aided Helios Clinical Research’s Rapid Growth

BEFORE Helios Clinical Research Before RealTime Disjointed feasibility processes at each site Lack of oversight for central teams Fragmented pipeline obscuring trends AFTER Helios Clinical Research After RealTime Centralized platform for feasibility and beyond Trial transparency in real time Centralized pipeline management and metrics Overview Helios Clinical Research is a clinical site network with a … Read more

How RealTime-Devana Helped MUSC Gain Performance Transparency to Improve Therapeutic Alignment

BEFORE MUSC Before RealTime Inefficient and slow feasibility process Lack of transparency into trial performance Study selection and start-up tied to spreadsheets AFTER MUSC After RealTime Unified platform for accelerated feasibility, start-up, and more Full transparency into historic and current trial performance Digitized site selection and automated start-up workflows Overview As South Carolina’s premier biomedical … Read more

How RealTime-Devana and hyperCORE International Helped Rescue a Failing Study

BEFORE hyperCORE International Before RealTime Disparate systems at each site Slow study start-up timelines Lacking metrics for performance AFTER hyperCORE International After RealTime Centralized platform for business intelligence Accelerated start-up timelines Robust reporting and dashboards Overview Formed in 2019, hyperCORE International is a super network of highly experienced and awarded clinical research site/network companies. Its … Read more

How RealTime-Devana Helped Accellacare’s Integrated Site Network

BEFORE Accellacare Before RealTime Inability to measure turnaround times without spreadsheets Lack of transparency into trial performance Slow study start-up timelines AFTER Accellacare After RealTime Automated reporting and real-time dashboards Full transparency into historic and current trial performance Standardized and accelerated study start-up workflows Overview Accellacare delivers clinical trial services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical … Read more