Leading Pediatric Research Center Selects  Complion eRegulatory Platform

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Jan. 23, 2024 – Complion, LLC, a leader in eRegulatory solutions (eReg and eISF) for clinical trials, is teaming up with a world-renowned pediatric research center. This collaboration signifies a notable achievement for Complion, a RealTime Software Solutions Company, as this esteemed pediatric research center adopts their enterprise-grade eRegulatory platform to ensure efficiency and compliance across its entire clinical research portfolio. 

The platform adoption by a global clinical research leader with over 1,000 trials highlights the adaptability and effectiveness of Complion’s eRegulatory platform in managing numerous and complex clinical studies. The user-friendly interface and robust features make Complion’s eReg an excellent fit for academic and medical health centers to streamline regulatory documentation and workflow management processes. 

Rick Arlow, CEO and founder of Complion, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At Complion, we’re dedicated to accelerating research and improving the effectiveness of remote monitoring and oversight. Our close collaboration with our clients enables us to really tailor the eISF to make site inspection-readiness easy and standardized. Ultimately, this helps pediatric research centers deliver advanced treatments to kids faster.” 

Norma Zayas, VP of Customer Success, also commented on the value added by the Complion platform, “Staff love (and request) eReg too as they get 30% of their day back from the reduction in manual, tedious tasks. We’ve seen much higher user adoption with systems that require less training to get started.” 

This is a clear indication of Complion’s effectiveness in providing innovative and industry-leading eRegulatory solutions for clinical trials. The adoption of Complion’s eRegulatory platform is a significant step in Complion’s ongoing mission to improve clinical trial management and safeguard patient safety in clinical research. 

About RealTime Software Solutions: 

RealTime Software Solutions, LLC is a leading provider of innovative SaaS solutions that help clinical research sites, site networks, sponsors and CROs easily manage complex clinical research processes. The company’s products include Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), eRegulatory document management (eDOCS), electronic data capture for source documents (eSOURCE), participant payments (SitePAY/GlobalPAY), participant engagement solutions (TEXT, eCONSENT and MyStudyManager™ Participant Portal), Complion eISF and Devana PROPEL. With a strong track record of empowering research organizations, RealTime Software Solutions is dedicated to creating powerful, user-friendly interfaces that revolutionize how research gets done.