RealTime Software Solutions Reports Record Growth in 2023, Emerging as the Premier Clinical Trial Management Solution for Clinical Research Sites 

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Jan.17, 2024 – RealTime Software Solutions, a leading provider of cutting-edge eClinical solutions for clinical research sites, proudly announces a year of remarkable growth and success in 2023, solidifying its position as the premier choice for clinical research sites navigating the complexities of clinical trials. The company’s success has been amplified through the strategic acquisitions of Complion and Devana Solutions, uniting best-in-class platforms to modernize clinical research site operations management. 

Stephen Johnson, CEO of RealTime Software Solutions, reflects on the landmark year, stating, “The previous year has been transformative for RealTime. We have not only grown in terms of our user base and platform functionality, but we have also integrated the strengths of Complion and Devana into our suite of solutions. This evolution is a testament to our team’s commitment to improving clinical trial management with state-of-the-art eClinical solutions.” 

Key Achievements

Exponential User Adoption: Adopted by over 3,000 clinical research sites worldwide, RealTime has experienced a rapid surge in user growth. The platform’s intuitive interface and comprehensive features have played a pivotal role in attracting a diverse and expanding user base.  

Advanced Functionality: In response to the evolving needs of the clinical research community, RealTime has invested significantly in product development, introducing cutting-edge features and functionalities across the platform, from eSource to CTMS, eDOCS (an eRegulatory solution), participant engagement, PROPEL, and more. These advancements have enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trial management, making RealTime an indispensable tool for site professionals while improving the participant experience. 

Global Impact: RealTime has expanded its global reach, establishing a stronger presence in key markets. Collaborations with clinical research sites worldwide have contributed to the platform’s widespread adoption and recognition as a global leader in clinical trial management solutions. 

User Community: RealTime remains committed to a customer-centric approach, actively seeking feedback from its user community. The platform has prioritized user onboarding, training and support initiatives to ensure that clients can maximize the benefits of the suite of solutions. 

The integration and combination of RealTime, Complion and Devana represents a significant stride in providing comprehensive and user-friendly eClinical solutions for clinical trial management. RealTime looks forward to further elevating its position as a technology leader, delivering innovative technology that empowers clinical research sites and accelerates the development of life-changing therapies. 

About RealTime Software Solutions: 

RealTime Software Solutions, LLC is a leading provider of innovative SaaS solutions that help clinical research sites, site networks, sponsors and CROs easily manage complex clinical research processes. The company’s products include Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), eRegulatory document management (eDOCS), electronic data capture for source documents (eSOURCE), participant payments (SitePAY/GlobalPAY), participant engagement solutions (TEXT, eCONSENT and MyStudyManager™ Participant Portal), Complion eISF and Devana PROPEL. With a strong track record of empowering research organizations, RealTime Software Solutions is dedicated to creating powerful, user-friendly interfaces that revolutionize how research gets done.