Learn More About Devana Solutions Clinical Trial Data Platform

How Technology Simplifies Clinical Trial Feasibility Assessments Ah, the dreaded site assessment and feasibility: pages upon pages of requests for information. From equipment specifications to investigator experience to patient population, the amount of data needed to execute a clinical trial feasibility is onerous. You may have most of this information on hand—across a variety of … Read more

Give Back with Greater Gift & Honor Clinical Trial Patients

Greater Gift

At the core of Devana Solutions’ mission—to connect central research operations teams to decentralized clinicians serving patients in diverse community settings—is the goal of reducing drug development costs and curing disease. That’s why Devana partners with Greater Gift, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that “honors patient volunteers and research professionals who make clinical trials possible,” by … Read more

Behind the Software with Chris Jacques

Learn more about Chris Jacques

RealTime-CTMS strives to build a strong team dedicated to the success of our customers. Our staff goes above and beyond to achieve this each day. We give back to clinical researchers by creating software that is more efficient, reliable, and easy to use, while providing the best customer service. Each month, we are excited to showcase one of … Read more

A Message from the CEO : 2020 Year in Review

2020 RealTime review with Rick Greenfield

2020 has undoubtedly been a year that will be permanently etched in the history books and reflected upon for many years to come. Yet, in these challenging times, the world has quickly learned to adapt and innovate, and together, we are making great strides to defeat Covid-19. At RealTime, we remain true to our goal … Read more

Get more out of time-saving research software

Get more out of RealTime software

With clinical trials in full swing, researchers around the globe are bustling with work. Halted or paused trials are beginning to resume, and COVID-19 research efforts have heavily contributed to our industry’s workload. Luckily, we live in an age where software has eased the workload for all parties in the pharmaceutical and research industry. RealTime … Read more

Announcing Enhanced Integration with RealTime CTMS

Announcing Enhanced Integration with RealTime CTMS

CHAPEL HILL, NC (October 7, 2020)- Devana Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce that the API-integration of Devana IGNITE with RealTime CTMS has been enhanced in support of both companies’ mutual customers. Devana IGNITE provides clinical research organizations is the leading cloud platform for pipeline administration, pre-clinical workflow automation and metrics capture and analytics. Devana … Read more

RealTime-DecenTRIAL: What You Should Know

As our industry shifts to paperless systems, virtual visits, and remote-monitoring, Sites, Sponsors, and CROs must pivot to what is now considered the new norm or business-as-usual.  This transition has encouraged a complete re-thinking of processes and procedures to ensure compliance, efficiency, budgeting and profitability. RealTime’s vision highlights our continued commitment to reshape the global … Read more

Behind the Software with Elise Tawfiq

realtime clinical trial software - elise

At RealTime, our mission is to strive for the complete success of our customers every day. By accomplishing this, we have dedicated our time to finding strong individuals to help shape tomorrow’s clinical trial software. RealTime is dedicated to providing exceptional support, which is why we search for team members above and beyond our customers. … Read more

Transition and Adaptation of Clinical Research in 2020

A letter from Rick Greenfield

Wow… 2020 has been a year of adaptation on a level that none of us could have predicted.  As we celebrated last New Year’s Eve with the excitement of what 2020 would bring, none of us knew what we were in for! But here we are, proving that we are even more resilient than we … Read more

Tips for getting sponsors to cover your site-based electronic systems

Don't leave money on the table

With more and more research sites adopting site-based electronic systems, such as RealTime-eDOCS (eRegulatory) and RealTime-eSOURCE, it’s important for these sites to ask, “Am I leaving money on the table?”. Due to the value that these systems bring to the research process, it’s now more common than ever for sites to obtain payment from sponsors … Read more