Aspen Insights and RealTime-CTMS Announce Partnership to Streamline Clinical Research Recruitment Workflows

Fort Worth, TX – October 6, 2022 – RealTime Software Solutions, LLC has partnered with Aspen Insights to integrate a best-in-class EMR/EHR patient identification technology into RealTime’s world-class Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS).  The integration between the companies will provide clinical research sites the ability to mine structured and unstructured EMR/EHR data for study feasibility analysis, practice population eligibility analysis, physician review and direct delivery of pre-qualified participants into RealTime-CTMS.

Aspen Insights customers have historically observed up to a 3x increase in study enrollment rates and up to a 4x increase of total revenues as a result of exceeding contracted enrollment goals.  This powerful integration includes:

  • Candidate identification by searching patient medical records and clinical data that exceeds standard EMR search capabilities (i.e. far more than ICD10 codes), saving up to 66 hours of manual chart review per study.
  • Matched candidate summaries highlighting elements of the patient’s health records that demonstrate study criterion eligibility.
  • Population analytics for all connected EMRs to accurately project study feasibility based on trial inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Pre-qualified and physician-confirmed delivery of study candidates into RealTime-CTMS to manage the recruitment and enrollment processes and track the patient’s research journey.

“We are excited to bring our highly effective and proven EMR/EHR database mining technology to clinical research investigative sites to help solve one of the greatest challenges that the clinical research industry is faced with, effective and timely study recruitment,” said Aspen Insights’ CEO Walter Storm.  “With the combination of Aspen Forge and RealTime, we are offering research organizations an end-to-end solution to not only simplify feasibility and candidate identification processes, but also seamlessly integrate enrollment processes and research operations cross-functionally between our systems. This helps eliminate two of the largest hurdles we hear from clients: 1. Optimizing which trials are chosen by a site through in-depth feasibility analysis of participant data and 2. Streamlining recruitment through a single, trackable workflow.”

“We are excited to partner with Aspen and bring the many amazing benefits of their transformative Forge solution to clinical research sites around the globe,” said Rick Greenfield, Founder and President of RealTime. “Study participant recruitment continues to be one of the most challenging aspects of meeting enrollment targets and moving studies forward in an efficient manner. Aspen Insights’ amazing application of AI and EMR mining techniques helps research sites further minimize the time required to identify the best candidates for study success, which ultimately allows lifesaving treatments to get to those who need it faster.”

About Aspen Insights

Aspen Insights’ software, Aspen Forge, is the EMR-to-CTMS connection solution that provides candidate identification capabilities for sites with practice partners utilizing EMRs and allows sites to directly push leads into RealTime-CTMS for outreach and enrollment. To learn more about Aspen Insights & Aspen Forge, visit

About RealTime CTMS RealTime Software Solutions, LLC provides innovative software products for clinical trial research sites, site networks, sponsors and CROs to manage complex clinical research processes with powerful, user-friendly interfaces that are revolutionizing how research gets done.  To learn more, visit  

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