RealTime-CTMS Introduces a Powerful, No-Cost Custom Reporting Tool Into All CTMS Products

February 8, 2022, San Antonio — RealTime Software Solutions, LLC has released the inSITES Report Builder, a powerful custom reporting tool built into RealTime’s leading Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) that now allows all customers, at no additional charge, to build and save their own customized reports to monitor site-wide performance and maximize efficiencies and outcomes.

The inSITES tool includes a myriad of data points for customers to choose from when building reports on key areas of the business including patient visits, finances and recruitment. The new tool also allows customers to use “drag-and-drop” technology to reorder their report data to best meet their needs. Other helpful features include the ability to:

  • Name and save custom report templates so they can be quickly accessed and run at any time.
  • Identify a primary reporting item so that when all the data is sorted, customers can easily see missing data points.
  • Assign report access to specific users.

Because RealTime developed this tool independently, the company is able to offer it as an additional feature within RealTime-CTMS at no additional charge whereas other CTMS providers outsource this function to vendors, resulting in high annual fees for their customers.

“We are excited to release this new feature at no charge to our customers,” said Rick Greenfield, CEO of RealTime. “RealTime’s focus is to provide our customers with tools that allow them to run trials more effectively, more efficiently and at an excellent value for the benefits that they offer. This new inSITES tool will make it easier for RealTime customers to create powerful custom reports that give them unprecedented visibility into their sites’ performance and allow them to quickly adapt to industry forces that are ever-changing and constantly presenting new challenges.”  

About RealTime:  RealTime Software Solutions, LLC provides innovative software products for clinical trial research sites, site networks, sponsors and CROs to manage complex clinical research processes with powerful, user-friendly interfaces that are revolutionizing how research gets done.