Celebrate Immunization Awareness Month with RealTime

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. To celebrate, RealTime wants to thank all the individuals and organizations who contribute to the production of new vaccines, such as the one developed for COVID-19. From sponsors and sites to investigators and patients, there are many people to thank for their contributions to a healthier world. RealTime is also grateful for the small part we play in making vaccine trials run faster and easier for everyone involved. Here are just a few ways we help both sites and site networks in this endeavor:

Patient Databases and Recruitment

RealTime’s numerous recruitment features, such as website integration to showcase enrolling studies, provide mobile-optimized landing pages that collect applications from interested parties more quickly and easily. That means that RealTime sites can execute recruitment activities faster.  Facebook and Instagram lead generation integration also allows for effective social media marketing, which is critical for fast recruitment into these paramount Covid-19 vaccine studies.  Further, with the click of a button, users can email and mass text subjects matching specific search criteria to effectively remarket to the site’s existing database of study volunteers.

In addition, RealTime has built-in artificial intelligence to assess eligibility from advertising respondents to quickly determine if subjects meet basic study criteria, thereby saving sites countless hours of lead follow-up for subjects that don’t meet the study criteria. These cutting-edge features allow RealTime sites to execute enrollment activities faster and operate at peak performance.

eSOURCE Documents

With RealTime’s eSource software, sites can build their own eSOURCE form templates and documents that can be reused or modified for future studies, simplifying the eSOURCE creation process and saving time on each study. RealTime builds data parameters into form fields to help ensure completion, accuracy, and error elimination. Protocol compliance and safety checks can be included to ensure subject eligibility, reduce deviations, and ensure GCPs are followed. RealTime also helps sites maintain Part-11 compliance.

 Regulatory Processes

RealTime-eDOCS provides a new way to standardize eRegulatory binders while maintaining flexibility in one secure location for quick and easy access as well as proficiency in regulatory workflow for studies. With eDOCS, sites can facilitate inspections, audits, and study record requests; complete remote monitoring and query discussion board for sponsors, CROS, and IRBS; and request unlimited FDA-compliant eSignatures.

Remote Monitoring

RealTime’s monitoring portal allows Sponsor and CRO study managers the ability to review and fully monitor eSOURCE data for site data verification and risk-based monitoring as well as eRegulatory documents in eDOCS to ensure study compliance. Additionally, RealTime’s full query management system allows sites to quickly address study-related concerns and keep moving in an environment that does not allow for safe travel and on-site visitation.

These are just a few ways RealTime has streamlined the vaccine research process for sites and site networks, saving them time and money. Most importantly, these systems accelerated the clinical trials that brought effective, lifesaving vaccine to the world at an unprecedented pace!

For National Immunization Awareness Month, we want to thank all the front-line workers and the entire clinical research community who have worked tirelessly to save lives and make the world a safer place!

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