Devana Solutions and Clinical Research IO (CRIO)

Like coffee and great conversation, some things just go great together. This week, two clinical trials industry tech players are set to reframe the narrative around how technology can unlock the power of your clinical trial site, site network or academic research center’s data and turn it into actionable information allowing you to run a more efficient site and use analytics and reporting to win more of the right award letters. We’re pleased to announce the integration between Devana Solutions, LLC’s innovative Devana IGNITE platform and Clinical Research IO (CRIO). Together, their complementary systems will help boost efficiency at the clinical trials site level, decreasing clinical trial cycle time to speed therapeutic advances to patients.

Devana Solutions IGNITE for sites is an easy-to-use software platform that simplifies the complex pipeline management process by consolidating all trial opportunities in one place. IGNITE makes the management of business development, feasibility, contact and account management, study start-up activities and all-around study execution and performance metrics capture and analysis easier and faster. Combining Devana IGNITE and CRIO’s leading CTMS technology essentially provides site networks, integrated research organizations and academic research centers with an “operating system” from study start-up all the way through trial completion.

CTMS programs – or “Clinical Trial Management Systems” – such as CRIO’s leading technology, have become “must have” technology over the last two decades in helping research sites to automate clinical trial workflows once patient screening and enrollment commences or, when the “clinical” part of a trial begins as the product name would imply. However, until Devana Solutions launched its transformative Devana IGNITE platform, there were no robust solutions short of static spreadsheets and countless email folders to gather critical study information, organize site workflows and capture key timing metrics during the study startup phase. Similarly, while the clinical staff of research coordinators, patient recruiters and site operations and accounting personnel depend daily on a leading CTMS solution like CRIO to help automate their clinical and billing functions, the Leadership Team at most leading site organizations benefit more from transparency into clinical trial performance metrics for analysis and decision-making, “business intelligence” capabilities where Devana IGNITE also excels. Therefore, with Devana IGNITE’s robust study startup features and performance metrics capture for reporting and analysis coupled with CRIO’s innovative CTMS technology for the clinical phase, site networks, integrated research organizations and institutional sites can leverage an end-to-end solution.

Information is critical to informed decision-making, monitoring progress and evaluating outcomes. In no industry is this more critical than clinical trials where the focus on creating efficiencies such as Devana Solutions seamlessly integrated with CRIO CTMS will drive the delivery of new therapies to patients faster and less expensively.

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