API & Integrations for Streamlined Workflows

RealTime's secure API service unlocks the full potential of your data by enabling seamless integration with your existing systems. Connect RealTime to your CRM, ERP, EMR, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) platforms with ease, transforming your research experience.

RealTime API Service

Effortless Efficiency

Free up valuable staff time by eliminating tedious data transfer tasks. We’re talking hundreds of hours saved!

Unwavering Security

Your data is always protected with secure, signed bearer tokens.

Actionable Insights

Gain valuable insights from your RealTime data by analyzing it within your preferred analytics or BI platform. Make data-driven decisions with ease.

Simplified Integration

Our OData-enabled RESTful API allows focused data consumption and streamlines interoperability with your existing systems.

Scalable Performance

Cloud-based infrastructure ensures reliable performance, even with high data volumes. Handle large requests seamlessly.

Quick Start-Up

User-friendly documentation and code examples make setting up RealTime’s API a breeze. Get started quickly and efficiently.

Boost Your CTMS with RealTime Integrations

RealTime-CTMS seamlessly integrates with leading solutions to further enhance your clinical trial management capabilities.

Aspen Insights integrates with RealTime eClinical Solutions

Aspen Insights Integration

Streamline your recruitment workflow and exceed your contracted enrollment goals with Aspen Insight’s software application that uses machine learning algorithms to identify ideal study candidates and deliver them directly into your RealTime-CTMS. Save up to 66 hours of manual chart review per study with EMR search capabilities that highlight patient eligibility criterion and can project study feasibility.

Devana integrates with RealTime eClinical Solutions

RealTime-Devana Integration

Designed to track all study start-up workflows and capture metrics, this centralized operation and analytics platform will allow you to identify your strongest indications and monitor your sites efficiency/timing, as well as forecast your revenue more accurately.
MailChimp integrates with RealTime eClinical Solutions CTMS

Mailchimp Integration

Remarket to your rapidly growing database of subjects with a two-way integration to Mailchimp. Mailchimp makes it easy to send monthly updates to your database of subjects so they can stay in-the-know about new enrolling studies and keep your site top-of-mind. Good remarketing practices can set your site apart as a top enroller!

Microsoft Outlook integrates with RealTime eClinical Solutions

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

RealTime’s proprietary Outlook Add-In provides the ability to drag and drop documents and emails directly into your eRegulatory binders.

Current Version: 1.2.0053

SubjectWell integrates with RealTime eClinical Solutions

SubjectWell Integration

RealTime-CTMS integrates with SubjectWell’s study-specific advertising campaigns. Using broad-based education campaigns that highlight the benefits of clinical trials and telephone-based prescreening, SubjectWell delivers highly qualified referrals quickly — allowing you to pay only for patients who randomize.
Twilio integrates with RealTime eClinical Solutions

Twilio Integration

With Twilio’s simple APIs, sites can enable phone, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into their RealTime-CTMS. Additionally, Twilio vanity numbers used for TV, radio, billboard, or other print applications can be tied to specific recruitment campaigns for efficacy tracking and ROI calculations for each channel utilized.

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