Rick Greenfield, BBA-IS is CEO / Lead Inventor for RealTime-CTMS: Clinical Trial Management System. Solutions for Clinical Research Industry.

Rick Greenfield, BBA-IS

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Rick has over 20 years of experience in the Clinical Research industry. He was part owner and helped build one of the largest multi-specialty research sites in the US over a 13 year period. With a lack of truly effective and efficient CTMS systems available, he put his education in Information Systems to work and began the development of RealTime-CTMS, which eventually became the backbone of his site’s operations.

RealTime was built from the ground up with the input of all of the key players at the site level to include site managers and stakeholders, Investigators, clinical research coordinators, regulatory compliance specialists, quality control and quality assurance personnel, advertisers and recruiters, clinical research associates (monitors) and more.

It is Rick’s goal to continue to build innovative systems for sites, Sponsor and CROs that will contribute to operational excellence in clinical trials.