Real Time Reports

Customer Insights:
Negotiating Sponsor Reimbursement for Site-based Technology

RealTime Reports Charts - Reimbursement SurveySurvey Summary

 This inaugural RealTime Reports survey reveals insights into the challenges and practices surrounding the reimbursement of site technology costs in clinical trials. Nearly half (47%) of the respondents have tried to obtain reimbursements from sponsors for site technology costs, but many found the process of securing these reimbursements to often be difficult and complex. The efforts to secure reimbursements have had varied levels of success, indicating inconsistency and potential obstacles in the process. Overall, the data suggests a need for streamlined processes or better support mechanisms.

Negotiation Challenges: Common obstacles include the complex nature of the studies and associated overhead costs, which vary across different therapeutic areas and medical specialties.

Common Findings

Reimbursement Rates: Among the respondents, the percentage of costs covered by sponsor reimbursements typically falls below 25%. In contrast, clients of RealTime eClinical Solutions frequently report much higher reimbursement rates, with many achieving 50% to 100% coverage.

Strategic Recommendations: 

Sites are advised to adopt a more strategic approach to reimbursement negotiations.

Assessment of Trial Complexity: Conduct detailed evaluations of each clinical trial’s demands, including necessary training and the involvement of physicians and coordinators. Consider the complexity of the study when negotiating reimbursement rates.

Justification of Costs: Prepare justifications for different reimbursement rates based on the specialty requirements of each trial.

Leverage Technology Vendor Resources: Seek technology vendors that provide comprehensive support, including  justification letters that clearly communicate the value and benefits of the eClinical systems to sponsors.