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Revival Research’s Situation Before RealTime


Revival Research’s Situation After RealTime

The Challenge

In 2018, Revival Research Institute successfully operated five clinical research sites with approximately 20 employees. However, Revival Research had challenges with managing study documentation via its massive excel spreadsheet and staying in compliance with FDA requirements in multiple remote locations across four states.

After losing two Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) in a short period of time and having to physically go to the sites to help perform the CRCs’ responsibilities, CEO Mazhar Jaffry discovered that managing paper documents on-site was a nightmare and that a system that automates the collection of study visits and documents remotely was imperative to optimize its operations. It also became clear that Revival needed to find a way to allow system access for other employees when key employees left the company. At an SCRS conference, Business Development Manager Nicole Stiff found RealTime’s booth, saw its potential, and shared the information with the Revival research team back home for further evaluation.

The Decision-Making Process

According to Jaffry, they were skeptical about onboarding a new system because they knew that once it was set up, it would be hard to change later. Because of this, Nicole said they considered 11 different vendors during their decision-making process. In the end, they decided to go with RealTime because of its comprehensive features, flexibility and commitment to adapting to Revival Research’s needs over time as things change.

“As we conducted our research, we found that RealTime listened to the customer and was willing to change things in the CTMS based on our needs. They also could see where the industry was heading and what sites will need to be successful,” said Nicole.

CEO Mazhar Jaffry - Revival Research Institute, LLC

“The creators have done a very good job understanding the needs of the market and the end user; Overall, the system is very comprehensive. The benefits are endless if used properly.”

CEO Mazhar Jaffry
Revival Research Institute, LLC

The Transition to RealTime

Revival Research started with RealTime’s CTMS, eSource, and free eDocs Lite products. After experiencing the benefits of RealTime’s automated eRegulatory solution for six months, they decided to adopt the full eDocs solution across all of their studies. Since that time, they have also adopted the RealTime-Pay solution for participant stipends and website integrations for recruiting.

“After trying out RealTime for six months, the company decided there’s no way we are going back to paper no matter what happens,” said Jaffry.

During the onboarding period, Revival Research used RealTime’s various training programs to help its staff learn the products. Revival Research took advantage of the educational resources within the RealTime University, and it also worked directly with the RealTime staff members to set up their system for success. While they knew it would be challenging to learn and adopt a new technology, they were able to successfully onboard the system by utilizing these training solutions and having access to RealTime staff who answered questions as they arose.

The Results – 500 Percent Revenue Growth

After onboarding RealTime, Revival Research experienced exponential growth. They scaled from five to 18 sites and have conducted more than 160 studies over a four-year period. They currently have 75 active studies underway and use RealTime’s entire Site Operations Management System (SOMS) to manage all their clinical trials. Here are some benefits that Revival experienced as a result of implementing RealTime’s integrated systems.

Bird’s eye view of financial metrics in real-time:

With the adoption of RealTime’s CTMS, leadership is now able to log into the system anytime from anywhere to check on financial data across all sites and make adjustments to improve performance as needed.
“I love the feature that allows you to add financial information for each visit and another feature that shows when a visit is complete so you can get paid by the sponsor. It’s humanly not possible to keep track of every visit that took place so it’s a very good benefit for the end user for any organization small or big,” said Jaffry.

Improved quality and staff oversight:

The eDocs solution allows management to assess employee performance to ensure compliance tasks are completed from a remote location on daily basis.

“The system allows flexibility to work online and provide an extra set of eyes to see things from a different angle. With that capability, we can pick up mistakes more quickly and stay compliant.”

– Mazhar Jaffry​

Compliance enforcement:

The number of compliance violations after implementation of RealTime’s eSource are negligible due to the system’s ability to enforce required entries. According to Jaffry, “With eSource and eDocs, it takes a lot of effort to make mistakes.”

It takes some time to organize it properly. But after that, the system speaks for itself. It talks to you and tells you what is going wrong, which is humanly impossible. No matter how many people you put in the system, they can keep everything 100 percent compliant all the time,” said Jaffry.

Remote data access and monitoring:

The entire integrated solution allows both leadership and employees to manage data and compliance remotely, which drives efficiency and allows for scalability.

“The software allows management to have checks and balances to make sure everyone is adhering to company policies and sponsor expectations.”

– Mazhar Jaffry​

Expense reduction due to the need for fewer employees:

Instead of having one-to-two people at each of its 18 research sites, they run the entire network with four-to-five people from their headquarters. Staffing needs are 50 percent of what they would be with a paper system, which translates into significant cost savings for their business.
“With 100 visits happening in a single day, we would need 20-30 people at each site to make sure visit notes are completed by the end of day which is our policy,” said Jaffry. “With this sophisticated software, it’s possible to do this with two-to-three people from the main office.”

With RealTime’s integrated software solutions:

  • Compliance is enforced automatically.
  • Efficiency and quality are significantly increased.
  • Staffing needs/costs are reduced.
  • Managing staff remotely is much easier.
  • Scaling a site network from anywhere is possible.
  • Exponential growth and scalability become a reality.

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